In ancient time, there was a dominance of patriarchy in every society. The world use to start from men and end up on men. It was all HE world. Females were totally unaware of their rights or maybe at that time there were no such words called rights. This talk of patriarchy dominance and women suppressed was not so old, it was more practiced during the 19th and at some point in the 20th century.

Now the question was what is HE world and how it is different from the present regular world and activities

From the very beginning of human existence, there was a concept of HE world. HE world is basically a patriarchy world where there is a dominance of men. The two genders: HE and SHE, that is, male and female were considered as a one. These two genders were concluded in HE world, it means there was no existence of SHE as a gender. Whether it is official work or personal life, HE was superior and was the only one. There were no concepts of two genders, it was just 'man or he' which was universally accepted.

When it comes to some other fields then there also we can see the presence of HE world. Women were not just getting marginalized in social or political issues but also in subjects like science, especially in medicine. The experiment which was getting done by scientist or doctors was getting done over the male's body, not on the female's. And whatever we're the result, it was for both the gender. Instead of knowing the fact that male and female is not just a different word but a different structure. They have different requirements, process, metabolism, structure, appetite, and different problems then why the same medicine for both of them. Even the doctors or scientist who was experimenting were male because there was a lack of education and freedom for female.

But the concept of patriarchy society started becoming fade and getting opposed by women of the 20th century. They started protesting on the streets for their rights. They were focusing on making their own identity which was different and away from patriarchy character. Instead of getting known as Mrs. they were focusing more upon Miss. They started many protests and joined many feminism clubs or community. And as a result of these protest, women were getting more confident and started participating in the working sector.