If Feminism For Female Then Why Not Masculinism For Men

Kumari Kriti Raj
Jul 01, 2019   •  9 views

The world of the 21st century is something that is far beyond the imagination of our ancestors. In terms of technology, mind development, skills and also rights. When we talk about rights, the first thing that comes to our mind is an equal right to females. There are many things and agendas which are going on to equalize the rights between men and women. But somewhere it is leading only towards women. In this new century, women are not lesser than man but we need to understand that we are not men, somewhere we are different creatures. So we have different needs and rights. And when it comes to the women right, Feminism is the act or word which is mostly used or practiced in both ways, wrong and right.

Nowadays feminism is leading or going towards a different world where it is suppressing men. Feminism is something that is getting practiced by both genders and is also misleading both the genders. It is somehow becoming a curse upon men and somewhere to their rights. For example: Just take the case of Nirbhaya in Delhi. After that incident, there were many cases filled in the police station towards men for rape. Most of the cases were bluntly false. They practiced this thing in the name of feminism which is getting over masculinism in terms of equal rights. Now many of you are wondering what is masculinism? Let me tell you it is a made-up word, which means right for men. If feminism is for women and their right then why not masculinism for men and their rights. Because in the coming days it is going to happen where men will fight for their rights. Because nowadays false statements against men, treating men as an outer cast and not letting them feel the environment of humanity in terms of rights.

A few days ago, I saw a man outside a girl's college. He was there for the admission for his sister but the guards stopped him and said that he can't enter inside because it is a girl's college. He stopped there and sat on a chair. Then again a guard came and started talking to him in abusive language and said there are no rights for him to enter this college. He explained himself but guards didn't understand and started treating him badly and threw him outside the gate. I agree at some point that it was a girl's college and for their safety, the college has made some norms. But where it is written in the constitution that men can't enter a public place for some reasonable work.

The days are not so far when we will be fighting for the rights of men. Whether it is about a job, living standards, equality or humanity. Somewhere the feminism is taking their ways towards hatred for men and stereotyping them for no reason at all. We need to understand that all men are not equal. God made all of us different in terms of physicality and mentality even in the same sex. We have individuality as our priority and we can't ruin it because of prejudice and so-called rights. It will be better and peaceful if we fill fight for the rights of humanity. We need to treat every sex equal and lovable. We need to start trusting them for a good cause and also hating someone for a good cause. Because hatred can be a solution for humans and their rights. Let's stop Me Too and go with We Too.



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Amazing. I just wrote something similar. But I think your squared everything.👍