3 Ways To Find Your Potential In Life

Kritika Singhal
Dec 08, 2019   •  556 views

In today's world where it doesn't matter whether you know your native language or not but you must know how to speak English. Since the world has 195 countries with each having a different language it becomes necessary to have a single communication mode of language. When India itself speaks 23 different languages then how can we not consider others? The most spoken language in the world is Chinese and then English. It might be a question that if Chinese is spoken more then why we emphasize on English. This is because English is established in 106 countries as compared to Chinese in 37. So we emphasize more on English than Chinese.

Although English is used the most but there are some places where it is not used so commonly. People living in such areas are not so fluent in English. But due to increasing popularity and use, it is important to know and speak English confidently and fluently. People who are not fluent in English feel shy and uncomfortable in speaking this language. So to improve English here I am sharing some ways.


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1. Speak, speak, speak: It might sound absurd but it is the most easiest way to learn and improve English. The most common rule 'practice makes the man perfect' is correct. The more you will speak in front of people the more you would be corrected and improved.

2. Never feel ashamed: It happens to us that whenever someone points out our mistake we try to ignore them or hate that person. Change this habit if you want to learn. This is because it is important to know the mistakes than to correct them. Without knowing the mistakes you cannot correct them. So whenever someone highlights some mistake in your speaking try to understand it and improve it.

3. Technology: Nowadays there are several apps regarding communication skills. Using such apps can be beneficial in improving English. One can also use such apps to learn a new word each day hence improving vocabulary. An online platform like English with Lucy is also a great learning resource.

4. Movies: It is a known fact that we learn more while watching than reading. Watching English movies is the most interesting way of improving English. The way the language is spoken in movies gives the confidence to speak English fluently. We many times try to copy the accent as well. It also improves the way of speaking.

5. Reading English books: Reading some good English books will not only improve English but will also improve vocabulary. The more different and difficult words you will find the more you will look their meaning and hence the more you will improve.


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