It is believed that every action performed in this world is the result of some motivation and inspiration. People need motivation which could provide them inspiration so that they can perform a desired action.

It can be considered that without motivation and inspiration an action cannot be performed. So the basic chain which is followed on the basis of above thought is

Motivation -> Inspiration -> Actions

This chain seems easy and it also works well for the people who have a continuous motivation in their life but another category of people also exist. People who do not have a motivation in their life the above chain seems to an end for them. They might not be able to do anything in their life. A thought comes that 'Are these people not doing anything in their life due to lack of motivation?' or 'If they are then how are they managing to do so'.

For this category of people the above chain is followed by a little advancement.

Actions -> Motivation -> Inspiration -> on

i.e. such action that provides motivation and inspiration.

If the chain is followed in this manner then there is no need to wait for the any kind of motivation instead one has to start doing something that could lead to motivation and can provide an inspiration to do more.

'Do something' is the real formula that is needs to be followed. This formula can turn any action into motivation and inspiration which makes this chain an infinite loop.



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Great article.
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