Every invention made in this world ever since its beginning is the result of human mind. It is said that in science that 'if you can imagine it then you can create it'. This means that every innovation done so far was possible because human mind was capable of thinking about it.

Every other human being takes the most precious thing available to him for granted. The similar thing has happened with the human brain. Human mind, the most precious thing available is often taken for granted. We believe that we are unable to control the thoughts coming into our mind every second. We also believe that our mind is controlling us but this is not true. We can control what we think.

It has been said that 'you achieve in your life what you actually think'. You will never get anything you never thought of. We get in our life which we actually desire for. So if somebody learns to control the thoughts of his mind then he can create the life of his choice.

If we continuously think about something then we send vibrations to universe i.e. we send our positive energy and universe gather all the forces to make you reach to it. If a person is continuously having negative thoughts then that negative energy will be send to universe and it will send negativity back. Have you ever experience of being ended up in a situation about which you were continuously thinking. You may or may not want that situation to happen but your thoughts made your mind to attract that situation.

The Law of Attraction says the similar kind of thing. It says that by having a desire of something and showing its want we are attracting that thing towards us. This attraction leads us to achieve that desire.

Human beings can use this power of attraction in achieving what they want. If a person is rich that is because he had thought about it and believed in it. After thinking, believing in it is necessary. To have a belief that 'what you desire and want is actually possible and you will achieve it one day' is necessary. Believing in it makes the mind to concentrate on that one particular desire. It is the training of your mind to made it think what you wanted it to think so that you can have a control of your mind.

So from now on gather all your positive energy to attract and believe in what you want to achieve. I am sure that it will make you to reach nearer to your goal.