The flow of ideas, the flow of emotions, the flow of reactions and the flow of repercussions are nothing but thoughts. “A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts.” As endearing as it seems, thoughts can affect unfavourably. Try a simple experiment: Close your eyes and relax. No matter what, try not to imagine a tiger. Anything, but a tiger. Did you succeed? Some may have, but most of us cannot. The first image that appears is that of a tiger when specifically instructed not to imagine a tiger. This experiment shows how overwhelming our mind gets when anything is related to our thoughts or alteration in our thoughts. The experimental tiger paradox is just a tiny example of how little control we have over our thoughts. It isn’t that important that we give attention to every thought, but having control over them might come in handy sometimes.

Theoretically speaking, there are three types of thoughts. Insightful thoughts (used for problem solving), experimental thoughts (focused on the task at hand) and incessant thoughts (chattery thoughts). However, it is impossible to get rid of chattery thoughts even though they aren’t useful in any way. Sometimes do hear to chattery and have fun, there isn’t harm in that. But, concentration on what’s truly necessary shouldn’t be minimized.

Philosophically speaking, there are yet again three types of thoughts.

Depressive & Negative thoughts

These thoughts arise because of a trauma or a tragedy one cannot come out from easily. The key parameters for such thoughts are self-obsession, craving for attention, lack of confidence and inferiority complex. It is better to refrain from such thoughts and avoid them as much as possible. Once confidence is developed to a certain extent, it’ll be easier to erase these kinds of thoughts permanently.

Waste Thoughts

If only we had a recycle bin in our brains just like we have one in our computers, peace would have been a regular visitor to our mind. It is not that uncommon that most people visit their own past and try to envision their future without any reference whatsoever. Past is something that cannot be modified, and carrying it with us as we move on, is just a waste of time. Ambition is a part of an individual and it drives an individual to work for his future. However, with absolutely zero reference, envisioning future instead of working for our betterment in the present, is a fruitless activity.

Positive thoughts

Positivity is a whole other branch of subject in philosophy that can be learnt thoroughly. In a nutshell, thoughts related to energy, peace, love and growth are all positive thoughts. Positivity creates growth, growth creates encouragement, encouragement welcomes peace. Thus, having positive thoughts can help lead a calmer life.

Thoughts shape an individual’s mind; mind shapes an individual’s character and character shapes integrity