Had it ever occur to you that we blame others for our failures and adverse situations. Why? How can some other one be responsible for anything that has occurred to me. How other people can be responsible for anything that has happened in my life?

Every person experiences success and failure at some point of time in his life. If a person gives credit to the self for all the success he has achieved then how can he blame others for the failures he has gone through instead he should also take the responsibility of those failures.

Everything that happens to us is actually our choice. We choose everything for our life and our choices turn the situation in favour and against for us.

Why anybody feels the need for blaming other? Let’s find out.

  • Defend mechanism : When anything wrong happen to us we want somebody to be held responsible for it and thus we blame others. Blaming others is the most secure thing to protect your self esteem and self ego. It allows you to convince yourself that you are not responsible for anything.

  • Lack of acceptance : People blame others when they lack the acceptance that a problem has generated because of them. It allows the person to hide his flaws and put blame on others.

  • Fail to recognize causes : When anything wrong happens to us we try to find causes due to which it happened but when a person fails to do so, he put the blame on others as this seems easy to him.

Benefits of stopping the blame game:

  • Become resilient: Whenever an adverse situation occurs we want to get away from it. This is because it’s the law of nature that everybody wants to be in the comfortable situation. So when anything wrong happen we try to make ourselves to leave the uncomfortable situation and to shift to the comfortable zone. When we take the responsibility of all the choices we made we become resilient i.e. we quickly move out of any bad situation as we know we are responsible so only we can find it's solution.

  • Become Confident: After being encountered with a failure a person lacks confident to restart. But when he accepts the fact that only he is responsible for that failure he gains confident to accept the failure and restart it.

  • Stop giving excuses: When a person faces defeat in his life he starts giving excuses for his failure. Putting blame on others for his failure is another excuse which he gives to leave the responsibility of that failure. But when you know that if you are dissatisfied with anything then you have to change it by yourself, you stop giving excuses for your failure and starts finding solutions.

  • Personal Growth: When a person learns that only he has the divine power to correct everything wrong that has happened to him into right then he opens the door for personal growth. He would start focusing on his experiences and improvise himself for future.

  • Become Victor not victim: When a person blame others for his defeat and failures he becomes the victim. If a person wants to have a win - win situation then he has to take the responsibility of the choices he has made. Acceptance of failure and taking its responsibility will make a person victor not victim.