Has it ever occur to you that you want to tell somebody about your life and your feelings? Does it ever happen that you cannot share with others just because the other person might judge you on your feelings and thoughts? Sometimes it happens to us that we cannot even share everything with our best friend. But still we want somebody to know everything about us. The only solution to all these problems is 'Diary'.

A personal diary is the one with whom you can share anything and everything which cannot be shared with others. It is the only best friend of yours with whom you can talk for hours about anything. It is the only constant buddy who will never leave you. It sometimes happen that we want to cry our heart out to somebody in the low phase of our life, at that time yourpersonal diary welcomes you with open arms to write all your feelings and to lighten your heart.

Introverts find it difficult to share their feelings and secrets to others. This doesn't mean that they do not want to instead it's just that they don't trust easily. For such people writing all the secrets to a personal diary can make them feel better.

I am also having my personal diary. I have been writing in it from last 3 years. My diary has become my ‘best friend forever’ who has witnessed my failures and achievements. I have accepted my mistakes in front of my diary which I hesitate sometimes to do so in front of others. My diary has been a source for my motivation to do the hardwork and achieve high. I cherish all my adorable moments that I have lived in my past by reading them my diary. By just reading and turning previous pages of the diary one can relive all such moments which are good and bad but all close to the heart.

Some tips on how to start diary writing :

  • Choose a diary of your favourite colour and if you want you can give it a name also.

  • Since it is your personal diary share everything you want. Write in your diary as if you are telling it to the most trusted person of your life.

  • Always write the date on which you have made an entry in the diary. This helps in remembering events.

  • If you want you can provide a start and end to it like 'Dear Dairy' in the beginning and 'good bye' in the end.

  • With everything getting digital these days people prefer to have a digital diary. Digital diary allows you to have a password on it. If you want you can also have one.