Women are sturdy like a turtle's shell,

Gentle as a feather.

Women are ambitious like flowing water,

Still as a mountain.

Women are aspiring like the sunrise,

Satisfied as the sunset.

Women are peevish like a cloud burst,

Soothing as mild rain.

Women are profound like a lion,

Innocent as dolphins.

Women are discarding like the sea,

Accepting asthe soil.

Women are copious like trees,

Assertive as weeds.

Women are bright like daylight,

Mysterious as dark night.

Women are sedulous like ants,

Passive as a grasshopper.

Women are sweet like honey,

Sour as bitter melon.

Women are beautiful like cherry blossom,

Ugly as tornado.

Women are anxious like volcano,

Peaceful as the shiny sky.

Women are moody like weather,

Stable as immortality.

Woman is a mesmerizing creation of nature , she lives in nature by compiling the whole nature in her. If she is living , she is an essence of life for everyone. She stays happy and calm when accepts as the nature ,but she is discarding and hurting when she is violent as the nature.

"The whole nature compiles in her and she compiles in nature." This line is quite sufficient to explain the thought that I want to share. The nature admires its creation, and its authenticity to live the life that it gifted to her.

Goddess Parvati, Adhishakti of Lord Shiva , The Goddess is considered to be the nature who defines "nature as women, women as nature." She is considered to be the nature. Once, one of the followers of Lord Shiva refused to worship Devi Parvati. He said he won't be worshiping her because she is a woman and he can't worship a woman . To make him understand Lord Shiva did a lot of efforts but in the end when he didn't understand the essence, the value of Devi Parvati, and why he should worship her. To teach his follower a lesson of his life Lord Shiva took back presence of the essence of Goddess Parvati in his ( follower's ) body ,then all the elements that comprises life, the nature in us all vanished and only ashes were left over there. So, this story proves that nature compiles in women and women compile in nature.

I guess this example truly states what I want to portray through this article. The nature in women. The nature that exists in women even compiles "he in she" and "men in women".





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