Isn't it the worst thing when ur bestfriend or childhood friend with whom you share all the big to small things move or lives far away from you?

We all have a friend with whom we attached so much.Infact, we can't imagine our life without him/her.

I also have one friend.She is my best friend.She moves to another city for further education.
When she settled in another city,for some time I screwed up badly.Even I don't know how I spend my time withour her.She was busy in her new life but I?

I felt low without her.As the time passes day by day I learned to not communicate all the time with her.Obviously we used to talk daily but for some minutes.But our bond remain same as before.Our friendship were not changed.Infact, Our friendship is growned more stronger then before.We all have faced that type of situations in our life.But this situation test our friendship bond.

In friendship, It is not important to call daily,to talk daily but it is important to understand each other as like no one other,to support each other in all the up and downs in our life,to take care of each other,to love each other,to share all the silly things to beautiful thing with each other🥰.

"Frienship is a beautiful thing, let see where it takes you"