It was a chilly starry night,

My lips became red, my cheeks rosy

I crawled into my bed

Wrapped in my blanket, feeling cozy.


With my room all messy,

And my soul all shattered

I dwelled into my thoughts,

Wondering if I ever mattered.


As the wind filled the room,

I felt the chills down my spine

Drowning in my emotions,

I knew it was hurting this time.


A bruise is tender,

But does not last

A wound I take

Much more to heart.


For a wound always leaves a scar,

For a wound always takes its time

Exposed to pain and hell,

There is never a finishing line.


It was two hours past midnight,

I finally felt warm

And then I remembered us,

Dancing to our favorite song.


Tripping over your toes,

We laughed about it

We were so in love,

But that was all about it.


It was until that day,

I had faith in us

For after that,

I knew we weren’t riding on the same bus.


For that day,

A lesson I learnt

You were mine,

Until you weren’t.


It was nearly dawn,

I closed my eyes

And I saw you,

Standing there with the prettiest smile.


It was you who taught me so,

The grace in letting go

For the time we had,

And not a moment more.


With tears rolling down my cheeks,

And a smile on my face

I knew it was a goodbye,

To all the memories I embraced.