Saving Water: “The Greatest Need Of The Hour"

Kripa Susan Shaji
Feb 19, 2019   •  26 views

Water is nature's gift to living beings. It is the single most essential component of all things in our lives!

Water Conservation. We all know what it means but hardly any of us do it. Today, we have come across a lot of water shortage problems especially in India. Many of our women and children need to walk miles and miles to just get some water to drink and for their everyday needs. Water scarcity has become a huge crisis in our country. It therefore becomes our responsibility to find out why this happens and what must be done to reduce this crisis.

Many of us fail to understand the need to conserve and preserve our water resources. But imagine a world with no water, like a desert, can you survive with that?

No! We can’t!

We tend to take Mother Nature for granted, and often fail to realize that one day we might end up without water. It is high time that we realize the seriousness behind this problem before it’s too late!!

And this is why we MUST conserve water.

Now let’s discuss the various methods to do this.

First of all water conservation begins at our homes by us.

We should not let water get wasted especially during brushing, bathing or even while washing fruits or vegetables. A lot of us tend to take our water supplies are plenty since it comes out gushing out of the pipes. But the truth is that we are short of supplies. Each one of them is getting depleted one by one due to our carelessness. The government of India has taken steps towards water conservation by constructing dams and reservoirs, but they too create problems which are a different story. In dry places like Rajasthan and Gujarat people suffer a lot.

It is really necessary to inculcate good habits in our future generations. Children must be taught from their very young ages about the real value of water. Water conservation has many forms. One of the most popular forms of water conservation is 'Rainwater Harvesting'. In India, rainwater harvesting has gained popularity over the few years. And in many states it has been made compulsory to have a rainwater harvesting system fitted to your houses in order to be able to construct your houses.

It is a good step taken by the Government in my opinion.

One of the main tips in conserving water is to use it wisely in the first place.

Use your share of Nature’s goodness and bounties. Don’t abuse the generosity or plentiful state. Besides, if there are 7 billion humans living on Earth, we need to understand that the limited water available in this earth is also to be used by each and every last one of them, not only you and your family members.

India has faced a lot of shortage problems already in the past years and is still continuing to face them. It is about time that we try our best to eradicate this widespread problem especially in a developing country like India.

Dear friends, as students we too can make a difference.

Here are some methods I think that can help us to do so:

1. Never waste water while brushing and bathing or whatever activities that involve water

2. Try to not start water fights.

If this is what it takes to save a life then it should definitely be done.

3. Try using water used for washing vegetables and fruits for watering plants and trees.

4. Never waste paper.

You may think I’m crazy to talk about paper right now. But you should know that in order to make a single piece of paper, it takes more than 3 gallons of water. So try not to waste either of them.

Well, these are just few ways to conserve water but there are many more!

Did you know that our body needs about half a gallon of water? That’s one very good reason to conserve it if you ask me!!

In India, some of the methods to conserve are as follows:

1.Use your washing machine only when necessary.

You can save a lot of water in this process. Besides saving water, this method is also helpful to save electricity.

2. Avoid using a shower for bathing. Try using a bucket instead.

3. Turn off the tap while brushing and save more liters of water every month.

3. Don’t drink water if you are not thirsty.

5. Use sprinklers to water the plants IF you have a large garden.

6. Ensure that your home has no leakages. Also check whether all water bottles are closed properly

7. Use small glasses for drinking water

8. Lastly, spread awareness regarding water conservation.

Recently, our PM Shri Narendra Modi has also taken steps towards conserving water. He encouraged and urged farmers all over the country to adopt modern ways of water conservative agricultural methods.

Since everybody is working forward to achieve this goal, we can maybe eradicate water shortages in our country India maybe in the upcoming years. Who knows what we as a team are capable of!!

So through this article I STRONGLY urge all of you who are reading this to please consider saving water as the greatest need of the hour and start doing small things that will probably save many children and people from dying of thirst in the future!

Let’s move together towards a more happier and safer earth!