People all over the world loves desserts. Desserts are usually referred to as last meal or a course that concludes a meal. The world has a wide variety of desserts such as cakes, candies, puddings, pies, ice creams, etc. Most of us loves desserts. It is a happy food and it helps to lighten up everyone’s mood.

People eat desserts because they want sugar and sugar is an excellent source of energy. You don’t need any special occasions to eat desserts. Desserts are like heaven on earth. It is like a feel-good element of life. It also helps in digestion. It is found that if you eat sugary desserts it could help in digestion by loosening stomach muscles. Therefore, desserts completes your whole meal. And the summer holidays are the perfect time to discover them. So here are some of the world’s finest desserts that you should try at least once in your life.

PASTEIS DE NATA – Custard tarts from Portugal

If you are holidaying in Portugal, then pasteis de nata is a must try dessert. It is a traditional dessert of Portugal. It is a Portuguese custard tart, which is a crispy and flaky pastry shell filled with a sweet and creamy custard till the brim. You can dust a little cinnamon over the warm custard. Pasteis de nata is a worth trying dessert fromaround the world.

GULAB JAMUN – Deep fried sweet of India

Gulab jamun is one of the finest desserts in the world. It’s like a doughnut of small size soaked in sweet sugary syrup. It is also eaten on traditional festivals in India. If you ever visit India, Nepal, Pakistan or Bangladesh in your holidays, then make sure that you treat your taste buds with the finest taste of gulab jamun.

TIRAMISU – Italy’s coffee flavoured dessert

Tiramisu is a type of dish in which sponge fingers are soaked in coffee and it is layered by a creamy mascarpone mixture. It gives you a caffeine kick! It is a soft, melt in the mouth dessert that can be paired with tea or can be eaten right after the dinner.

Rum cake from the Caribbean

Rum cake is one of the finest traditional and delicious cakes from around the world. It is a sponge cake, shaped like a doughnut soaked in rum. It was originated in the Caribbean. It is unique because it has alcohol content. You should check the amount of alcohol before consuming it. The toppings of the cake are dried fruits and nuts with icing. There are various options for the toppings.

LAMINGTON CAKE - Australia’s square sponge cake

If you and your family are visiting Australia, then look out for the Australia’s most delicious treat, lamington cake. This is traditionally made from a small square of vanilla sponge which is covered with chocolate and coconut. There is also a layer of jam in between the cake. This is a must try dessert of Australia.

These were some of the finest varieties of desserts from around the world which are worth trying to cherish your taste buds.



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