Top Trending Wedding Cakes For 2020

Arzoo Chaudhary
Jan 03, 2020   •  7 views

You can amaze your guests and dear ones by serving a delicious wedding cake on their plates. Cakes are an essential part of every wedding ceremony, and everyone wants to get the most decorative cake for their big day. It is a surprise element that couples can choose from different variations of wedding cakes. They are available in massive range depending on the icing cream, designs, shapes, and colors. One can also choose to make their wedding day more special with these delicious cakes that can be delivered with online cake delivery in Mumbai. You can also personalize it with the ingredients which you like, such as eggless, organic, vegan etc. So, if you're planning to have the most delectable wedding cake, hhen, we are here to share with you the best cake ideas which will surely enhance your celebration.

Chocolate Wedding Cake:


Everyone likes chocolate. So, if you want to add a delicious delight to your wedding celebration, then a three-layered chocolate cake is the best choice for you. The decoration of the cake looks marvelous and decorate it with fresh cherries and dark chocolates. You can dive into the creamy chocolate with this cake. A chocolate wedding cake is the best choice for making everlasting memories of your wedding. So, you can order this cake and get it at your desired venue. The yummy taste of this cake will satisfy the taste buds of your guests too. You can also send wedding cake online to your friend by showing them the love and care if you are not able to go to their Wedding.

Lemon Wedding Cake:

This cake is also one of the most famous cakes at weddings, and the flavor of the cake is admired by everyone. The spongy and yummy taste of this cake will surely add spice to the wedding ceremony. This cake selection is perfect for the summer wedding and also best for the couples who don't want dense and rich cake at their wedding. The topping of this cake is done with raspberries or strawberries which makes it more delicious. So, create some memorable moments at your wedding by adding this cake.

Vanilla Wedding Cake:

This cake is also perfect for your wedding ceremony and mostly couples order this tempting vanilla cake for their ceremony. The taste of this cake is very yummy. It is decorated with frosting, filling, and fruit, which makes this cake more attractive. You can also choose the simple vanilla as per desire. It is the perfect way you can show that simplicity is always best. So, order for cake delivery in Hyderabad cake online and make your big day more special.  

Carrot Wedding Cake:

This cake is perfect for those couples who don't want to go with unhealthy. The flavor of this cake is tasty and has an incredible consistency because of carrot and nuts. The topping of this cake is made with a cream cheese frosting, which will make your celebration more memorable. So, buy this cake online and get the best flavor for your special moment.

Couple Cake Design:

This type of cake is very famous for the wedding ceremony, and most couples demand this cake to make their celebration more wonderful. The design of this cake is very eye-catching and will surely win all your guests' hearts. On this top of the cake, a cute couple is designed, which gives this cake an attractive look. The taste of the cake is also very delicious, so this theme cake is a perfect choice to make your special day extraordinary.

Ice Cream Wedding Cake:

Ice cream wedding cakes are perfect for any summer wedding and will surely delight your guests. You can get different flavors, designs, and shapes of this cake at the online stores. This delight is a perfect one for your guests and couples too. So, enhance your wedding party more with this delicious Ice cream cake.

Fresh Flower Wedding Cake:


The beauty of the flowers makes everyone happy, and if this beauty is added to the cake, it makes it more gorgeous and delicious. Yes, you can order flower decorated cake which is made with buttercream and piped pearls that make your celebration more wonderful.

The above cakes will surely brighten up the wedding ceremony. So, buy these cakes online and get the best quality as well as flavor and create the most special moments with your dear ones.