The collection of memes on my mobile screen,

Which I repeatedly forward to a group of friends

Living at a distance away,

All confined to their own place.

Now even the memes are tired of covering so large a distance,

From them to me and me to them

And wants us to laugh together again,

With us roasting each other on the face.

The unsuccessful trip plans which we used to make everyday

Are willing to be made and cancelled again,

But not from the fear of any apocalypse

Rather from the funny excuses,

With finally in the end all of us getting pissed.

Isn't it strange that how now

Even those boring classes are being missed.

Funny isn't it? How this quarantine

Has made us yearn and dream about all the freedom

And life that we had, just some days back.

But then, taken for granted

And now, is badly wanted.