Oh Darling, It Seems Like You Are Regretting Something?

Khushi Bharmoria
Jun 13, 2019   •  36 views

We only have one life, we all have limited time and we all have some roles to play. So when our time is so short why waste it while thinking about what should have happened instead of focusing on what has happened. Why hold grudges? why hold regrets? when it's of no use. Regretting about what you have done won't change it. It will only make you suffer it twice.

Thinking about your past should only be done when you looking for some kind of lesson. A lesson which is gonna change you, a lesson to not to repeat the same mistake twice or a lesson to be thankful for what happened and look for opportunities in that failure.

And If you somehow feel that you have suffered more than you deserve maybe you are just being prepared for a greater purpose, for which you will need the wisdom you'll gain from your bad experiences.

Everything that happens in our life has something to teach us, either we learn from it or because of it. But will you learn the lesson or not? Well, that depends on how good a student you are. How capable you are to see a bad experience from a positive perspective to actually gain something which will help you in the future.

People who try new things and dare to take more chances are simply going to fail more as compared to a person who always plays safely. You are actually the person living your life to the fullest potential. And I'd rather try and fail at something than to just sit back and think how it would have gone if I just gave it a try.

You see, life is all about the ups and down just like our heart rate and if it is still it simply means we are dead. You cannot enjoy the view from the top of the mountain if you never began your trek from the bottom. As we go on in our life we will face challenges, we will fail at certain things but it is only because it will help us rise to the whole new level of awareness and enlightenment.

So, starting from today. Quit regretting and start living. Follow a simple rule, if it will not matter in the next five years then don't waste your time thinking about it for more than five minutes.

You have better things to think about. You must have heard, you become what you think. So think positive thoughts instead of negative ones, think about your bright future instead of your few mistakes of pasts. Humans are bound to make mistake, it is in our nature but a mistake is not a mistake if you learn from it.

So, try new things and fail at them. Make mistakes but learn from them. Live fully and enjoy yourselves. We have just one life then why waste it?

I read this somewhere "there are no real failures in life, only results. There are no true tragedies, only lessons. And there really are no problems, only opportunities waiting to be recognized as solutions by the person of wisdom."



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Thankyoi sayali and sakshi for reading😊
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Thanks attanshi❤️
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Well written 👌 the title is also too catchy..😊👌👌 Hey! Check out mine too
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good one! :)