Hell yes! It is totally worth it.

And if somehow you feel otherwise read ahead and I am sure I will be able to change your opinion.

"We travel, initially, to lose ourselves and we travel, next, to find ourselves." said by Pico Iyer. A quote with which everyone who travels can relate to.

Although the word travel means the movement of people from a different geographical location by the course of time it's meaning has changed drastically.

People usually travel to "get away" or a "break from monotonous life". But now, people travel not just for sightseeing but for mindful tourism, to learn, discover and experiences. Travelling doesn't only introduce us to the different sides of the world which is serendipity but also helps us inculcate valuable life skills and abilities.

A person has to be adaptable as they'll be meeting new people who will be having different opinions or lifestyles so as to go along with them, one has to accept.

International travel means getting out of your comfort zone. Making your way into a foreign land with limited knowledge about language, people, culture, geography, makes us think on our feet and be ready for whatever we may face.

Problem-solving is best learned when we face new challenges and while traveling you are bound to face few challenges like maybe the tire punchers or someone got injured, so one should know basic survival skills like changing the tire, giving CPR, Heimlich, self-defense moves in order to have a good trip. As one thing can either make or break a trip.

Teamwork is needed in order to solve a problem which further enhances a person's leadership skills or flexibility.

Management is needed more than any other skill from packing a bag with limited resource to planning the whole trip. It's a person's management skills which give them the best experiences of their life.

"Travel has shown me how much I don't know, how much the world exceeds my every expectation and how inexhaustible the planet can be. In many ways, it's opened my eyes and heart and mind as staying at home could never have done." Again, said by Pico Iyer shows experiencing is the best way to learn.

Travel makes a person insatiably curious about the people who walk the planet. It makes them seeks out their history, cultures, how they think about food and their journey to where they are now. Listening to people's life makes them more empathetic as they hear about instances which may shock, surprise, impact or move them. Which develops the sensitivity and compassion towards people and learn about social cooperate responsibility. Like reading, traveling allows us to live multiple lives.

Every journey to a new place is a story unfolding. It deepens our understanding of this vast and varied world. It changes our perceptions from "wonder" to "wonderful" because before traveling people just wonder what the world might be and after traveling, people realize how wonderful our planet is. It gives us the opportunity to look at the world from fresh eyes as no one knows us, there are no preconceived notions about us which gives us a chance to be whoever we want to be, we free ourselves which is a liberating feeling. We get to experience the world whole heartily.

It builds our confidence and self-esteem as while traveling we sometimes have to talk to strangers to ask something either for directions, the suggestion for best food place or anything. Well, talking to strangers at first can be intimidating but it eventually improves our social and communication skills.

Travel is an amazing adventure. No matter how much or how little you do it, remember that. Be grateful through your travels, no matter what the delay or how bad the food or how inefficient the staff. You are on the different side of the world or in another part of the country and it's all thanks to human innovation, persistence and thousand of cogs in an ever-moving wheel. It's nothing less than a miracle. Savor it.

In conclusion, traveling is an investment, not an expense. It has profound effects and plays an important developmental role in becoming a better team player, a more creative thinker, a more effective communicator, and a better overall person.

And if it ever boils down to choosing between a vacation and well, anything else choose the vacation.

Experiences and memories last longer and are more fulfilling.



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