Values Of Tolerance, Respect And Understanding

Khushar Nandwani
Jul 04, 2019   •  100 views

Always Understand

Since a mild and gentle age, we are taught to respect people, understand their mindsets and tolerate however their personality is. Our parents and elders often teach us that each every person needs to be respected, whether younger or elder to us. We are often told that every person has a different mindset. The mindset of theirs sometimes depends on their religion, sometimes on their surroundings or company otherwise on their family background. But we should always keep in mind that however their mindset be, we should always understand them.

Tolerance is another value that plays a vital role in our life. According to me we are tolerant, if we can respect each other’s differences and we can respect it only if we can learn to understand them.

So eventually all these three words are somehow related to each other or we can say that they form a chain of values.

Uniqueness of moral values

Now every component of this chain of moral values has its own uniqueness at different points of time. Tolerance is the value that plays a vital role in a family, where each member has to tolerate others with their likes and dislikes. The same example can be taken in a class or in a office with colleagues. Sometimes this also leads to sacrificing their own desires.

It obviously becomes difficult for some people to tolerate each other when they live in a huge family or have a huge class or office. In such cases we should try our best to tolerate the other people. Respecting others can be taken in a situation where person visits a foreign country and meets the native person and gets to see their culture and traditions. In such a situation the person is expected to respect the other person and their beliefs and not to state them wrong or to praise his own culture in front of him.

Most Important = Understanding

Understanding is the most important requirement in a relationship. A relationship may be of siblings, a daughter, a father, a son and mother, a patient and doctor, a student and teacher or a wife and a husband.

If both the sides in a relationship are ready to understand each other and their feeling then their bonds can actually become stronger. If they are ready to understand each other’s difference, problems and weaknesses then they can strengthen their relationship.

We have often heard people say that “you get back what you do”. So if we are ready to understand, respect and tolerate others even we will be able to earn other people’s respect and tolerance.

What makes a perfect human being?

These three values make up a perfect human who is readily accepted by the society without any complaint. Today’s youth should follow all these values and make them a part if their daily life. If one is able to do this they will make an achievement greater than any other economic or social achievement.