Why Pickup Lines Steal The Show In Relationships Today?!

Keerthana Mudadla
May 26, 2019   •  39 views

I know relationship advices piss you off. So here's something that's "reality showcasing".
Something most common in teenagers today is being in a relationship. It's neither the college education nor the peer pressure but it's the way of handling the relationship which is more challenging to them. Love happens either by reason or attraction or by thorough understanding(which we usually call "true love"). In either way, people are more fascinated about pick-up lines and filmy appraisals rather than casual talk. Are these lines that catchy? Ofcourse,they ought to be. After all, that's why they are called "pick-up" lines.

Most of the teenagers are more attracted to films and fantasies than reality. They fall in love and admire those actors who are more attractive, flirty and romantic in approach. Isn't this reason enough to justify why many choose pick-up lines to impress someone? Nowadays, true love that's born from understanding is reachable only to few. That's why-"You're my only reason to stay alive" and "I would have missed even if we neva met" are more common than a "I love you" that came from the heart.

No doubt, pick-up lines are good companions of any relationship. They do bring happiness and joy. They do express the person's love. But they don't tell you the amount of reality that exists in them. SO GIRLS OUT THERE! Prefer more of "I love you" saying companions than "Ek ladki ko dekha tho aisa laga" singing ones!

Cheers to your love!