She woke up feeling alone in the midst of her sleep. It’s the third time that she dreamt of him that week. She wondered when she could finally meet him and change her loneliness into happiness.

It’s been so long since she last met him. It’s been too long since she felt his presence. She went on a emotional ride on her mind to all the places they visited together. She rushed through all their pictures and wanted to relive all those moments.

He’s her most favorite. He’s above everything and everyone for her. His love is the only constant thing in her life. He made her happier each day. He helped her face all her fears and know her strengths. He made her his princess and she missed her prince a lot.

“It’s too long to get satisfied with video chats and texts” she thought. She missed him so much more each day. She missed him early in the morning. She missed him late at night. And she missed him all through the day.

He’s too far for her hands to hold him but she knew that he’s too near for her heart to love him. Distance is always hell but she realized that love gives us unimaginable and unending patience to wait.

Love and Be Loved!