We live in an unpredictable world, surrounded by unpredictable people. Unaware about people`s intentions. We have heard a lot of dangerous incident that`s happening everyday all around the world. And it`s easy to get caught off-guard anytime and anywhere we go. Basic self-defense is something that everyone should know and we cannot always rely on pepper spray or pocket knife. So, knowing fewself-defense moves is essential, and will help during rough situation.

We should always be aware of our surroundings and keep our eyes and mind on alert mood. Especially if we are travelling alone, the chances of risk are high. Here are some useful tricks to keep yourself safe.

1.Hitting the most effective body part

When an attacker approaches, we only get few seconds to think about our next step. If it`s a close attack, the victim`s only way out is to hit the attacker`s most sensitive part. The most effective parts of attacking is the neck area, groin and anywhere on face. So when the attacker approaches, he or she can just hit the effective part with a fist or for better pain effect, we can use bag, wallet etc. That will give the victim some time to escape, before the attacker regains their composure.

2.Attack with your knee

The most strong way to defend ourselves by hitting the attacker`s groin by your knee and when they kneel down, hold the person`s head and hit it hard on our knee. The force should be strong enough to make them unconscious or at least painful enough to keep them down for a while.

3. Be loud and push back

If a person is uncomfortable with technical tricks, the easiest way to get rid of attackers is to be loud when the attacker tries to approach and grabs you. The yellingwill alarm your surroundings, the attacker might get intimidated and withdraw his move. Sometimes they succeed in grabbing their even before the victim makes a move. What the victim can do at that time is bit off their hand and give him a push which releases their hold of the victim so that he can escape.

With some of these defense techniques, one can easily protect themselves but moreover what matters is that the victim needs to stay confident and patient as panicking will make the situation worse. All we need is to learn how to defend ourselves and stay safe.

Self defense is the only honourable course where there is unreadiness for self-immolation. - Mahatma Gandhi


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