India is a land of cultural history, traditional architectural beauty , unique customs and much more. The museums of the country is a window into the majestic past of the land. All the major destinations of the country holds a collection of museum famous for one or more key factors.

National Museum, Delhi

This museum was constructed in 1949. This is the best place to visit to know more about the railways of the country, ancient paintings, artifacts, antique jewelry, manuscripts, art works, decorative items and much more.

The museum holds a separate Buddhism section, which holds Buddhist ruins, statues, articles, stupa remains and much more. The remnants of Gautam Buddha is also found in the museum. Apart from these, there are numerous other galleries to explore in this museum.

Indian Museum, Kolkata

Built in 19th century, this museum is a quite a large collection with unique galleries including skeletons, ornaments, paintings, armors, scientific works, creative art works and much more. Collections pertaining to geology, archaelogy, economic beauty, art and much more can also be found here.

This is one of the oldest museums in the world. This is an important tourist destination in the city for those who love to look through the past of the nation, in all aspects.

Madras Government Museum

Located in Chennai of Tamil Nadu, this museum was built in 19th century. The museum holds numerous artifacts belonging to various fields like geology, botany, anthropology and zoology. The museum has separate galleries for different empires that held the state in the ancient times.

You can find galleries of artifacts, books, paintings and others. There is also a small section for children. You can find a very large library in this museum that holds a large number of books and all the important dailies until date.

Shankar's International Doll Museum, Delhi

This is a unique museum, which would interest children and adults. This is the place to enjoy something different. As the name indicates, this museum holds a large collection of dolls.

There are numerous collection of dolls from India and other parts of the world like Africa, New Zealand, Australia, UK, USA and others. There is a separate gallery for dolls of commonwealth countries, Middle East countries and other independent countries. Almost all kinds of dolls can be found here. Indian doll collection holds dolls with traditional attire of each state of the country.

National Rail Museum, Delhi

This is the place for train lovers. You can find 100 life-size India trains of ancient and modern times. The museum covers 10 acres of land. There is a small toy train, which will take you through various galleries and exhibits. The galleries hold historic photographs, antique train decor and essential parts, working models, signaling tools, blue prints and much more.

The main exhibits of the museum include Patiala State Monorail of 1907, Fairy Queen, Fire Engine of 1914, Saloon of Yesteryear Kings, electric locomotive of 1928 and many others.