Top 3 Most Followed Personalities 2019

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Social media has become a major platform for famous personalities to engage with their fans. It has been a portal to market their brand image. From the audience view it has been a pleasure to witness their role models or celebrity-crush’s lifestyle on a daily basis. One such medium to exhibit their quotidian habitual images which has linked them to millions of fan followers is Instagram.

Instagram has become recent favorite spot of social media for virtual end users. It is specifically designed to post pictures online thus making it more likeable for the current generation. The top 3 personalities with highest number of followers next to Instagram official account are:

1.Cristiano Ronaldo

34 year old Portugal born star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro plays for Italian club Juventus alongside captaining the Portugal national team at present. He is a forward player with a total of 539 goals for country and overall of 700 approximate goals for both country and club in his lifetime. He remains the 3 times winner of Golden Ball as the best European player and was awarded Golden Boot 4 times. From being an inspiration to worldwide billions of aspiring football players to being roped into controversies, Ronaldo has seen it all. Irrespectively he has gained 160 million followers in his official account of Instagram till date. Thereby topping the list of most followed celebrities in Instagram by winning millions of hearts with his mere expertise.

Official Instagram Account:

2.Ariana Grande

25 year old American songwriter, singer and actress Ariana Grande-Butera is widely known for her broad vocal range. Her unique voice paved her recognition in the industry quite fast. She became the first to have her lead singles studio albums debut within top 10 in US with her continuous achievement and increasing fanatics. In February 2019 she surpassed other celebrities to become the most followed woman on Instagram with 153 million followers. Ariana Grande is a powerful figure on social media. She uses her social presence to voice for bold fashion comments, support LGBT rights and also to be a prominent feminist. From winning more than 81 awards including Grammy awards, Women of the Year 2018 and Time’s 100 most influential people in the world for 2016 and 2019, it has been a major spike in the career for Ariana with her intense talent.

Official Instagram Account:

3.Selena Gomez

The 26 year old American singer, actress and producer Selena Marie Gomez is one of the most buzzed celebrities of recent years. She is one of the Disney child stars who had her fame kick start with Disney series and acted in numerous Disney movies. Wizards of the waverly place series acclaimed her as the heart-throb for teens. Her diversified interest of work were in the fields of clothing line introduced through kmart, perfume and a limited edition collection of handbags called Selena Grace in collaboration with Coach Inc. Her charity works were at its peak throughout her career and became the UNICEF Ambassador at the age of 17. After her brief hiatus from social media due to her transplant surgery in September 2018, she returned to presence on January 2019. Selena held the record for the most followed personality on Instagram continuously in 2017 and 2018 until her break. After October 2018, Cristiano Ronaldo overtook the top spot. At present she holds the 3rd position for most followed celebrity on Instagram with 149 million followers.

Official Instagram Account:

Leading a successful life and also to face the consequences of something they portray about their lives on the social media platform on current world’s God’s Eye is trivial. Millennial age has created the digital media as the mandatory bridge between people all around which has made it the most efficient way to keep in par. Despite of the love and hate, celebrities tend to excel in their field and live upto the fame they built upon.

*Source: on February 2019, which has changes (increased followers) as of May 2019.



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