The photography trends to follow to make your wedding unforgettable?
A new journey, where various attributes and characteristics of two persons will come in contact who will stand there for each other. WEDDING, a celebration of living together with love and a person looking forward to joining the other in a common goal.

Every marriage has its own unique element that how people remember it. The most important feature in every marriage is photography. Looking back in time, from the last three years a new trend is Pre-wedding shoot. The wedding shoot displays the story of how two people met and are getting married.

To make your wedding unforgettable, here are some tips for photography trends:
So first a marriage should take place following all the old rituals, it is the most important thing which people don’t follow. Capturing each and every moment from old rituals will definitely make your wedding a catchy one.

Second, capturing the moments at a place (beach) in which the couple should show how contrasting they are. For example, the groom holding a glass of beer and the bride holding a cup of tea. It depicts how different they are and still together.

The third trend would be a photo film ofStop Motion, it will explain the couple doesn’t care about the world and they are into themselves.

The other will be showing family photography in a film that everyone should know how royal and big the family is. Also capturing the moments of whata couple of dreams, basically their future goals.

Some of the few new ideas are using the pastel colors in the background, use of the smoke bomb, flowers of light colors, a video of a proposal by the bride to the groom, and most important a shoot sat their best place(a café or a shopping place).

Also the idea of narrating theSeven Circumambulations(Sath Phere)not by the priest but by the family members. The most important seven couples of the family should narrate out eachPheraand capturing this moment shows how they all are connected and united.

A new trend which should be followed is about the bride, the jewelry, dresses, footwear of a bride should be captured and also an idea that the groom is doing make up her bride. This shows their deep love.

Every wedding has its own attractive elements, but enjoying to the fullest and capture each and every moment will make everything memorable.