Are You A Prisoner Of Your Past?

Karishma Khatri
Jun 08, 2019   •  32 views

Sometimes past haunts people and it makes tough for people to live in the present. Not everyone’s past is bad or disturbing but sometimes it affects the present. People keep on remembering their past bad experiences consciously or unconsciously. Past experiencesdefine present and future but don’t let your past bad experiences ruin your present. Don’t stay stuck with guilt or regret. The only lesson you get from the past is to learn and develop.

If you are thinking over and over again about the same thing and not able to get over it then yes, you are not living in present rather you are still involvedwith your past.

The past starts to limit one's abilities. For example, you are thinking too much and not able to concentrate on one thing. The disturbing element is because of it, a person is not able to fully utilize his abilities. Holding on to the past, when a person is living in the past and not enjoying his present life indicates that they are stuck in the past and it is haunting them.

Playing the victim card? Don’t be a victim rather be a warrior. Playing the role of victim and gaining attention will not lead you to forget your past but be the one who is facing the situation fearlessly and getting over it. Forget the bad past and live in the present to make a good future.

If you are facing the above-mentioned situation then you are living in the past which is not a valid thing. A person should not live in regrets but overcoming those regrets and surviving the toughest situation will make a person look stronger. Be a strong person who is fearless and overcoming the guilt.

Not everyone in life faces positive situations but it is how people actually make it happen and worth living. Once you get to know about their weaknesses and strengths you will become stronger and have the abilities to break the chains and know how far they can go. Not only guilt or regret is from the bad past but a learning chapter is that not to repeat the mistakes. Till the time we will hold on to past we will have a fear in our mind that again in future same thing will happen. And we should not let our past experience affect the present but leave the things in the past and plan the future with positivity.