How would it be, to break into a stranger’s house
A venture to discover
the veracity of their stories
Only to find out
they’ve drowned once
and still don’t know
how to swim.
Knotting their existence
into a soft ripple, as they dive in.
They wanted to belong somewhere
and nowhere.
Do they belong here?


 A house jam-packed with mementos
revealing they were the fastest in their lanes
hissing the stories about the bruises
they still carry as witnesses.

In an abandoned corner of a drawer
you’ll find a crumpled sheet
smudged with the note to their first love
written, and re-written
all over again.
Filling the gaps of fright
with metaphors they carry in their purse.
Till the words began to hurt so bad
they had to bury them
to never feel them again.

Theirs would be the house
where promises are not broken
for they are never made.
The walls would whisper of mysteries
and if you’re careful enough
to look behind the silver curtains,
you might find the caked edges between
who they are, and who they wanted to be.
You’ll enter the house
to find out its magic
be careful not to get carried away
for it belongs to no one, but them.

 One fine day,
you’ll break into a stranger’s house
only to find out
it’s exactly like yours.