Do Not Mistook Of Women's Existence.

Kajal Singh
Aug 27, 2020   •  1 view

Do not mistook of our existence

In this world of man I also have a large existence. And you are considering yourself big. The Home, the courtyard bloom with me, the whole world is in me. Still you boast yourself and consider woman a toy.

Have you forgot, you are born from a women only born. And women have raised you. Still by degrading her, you wore a garland of masculinity . By playing with her life she bring you into this word. Still you understand her your feet shoe and kill her.

She burned herself in the fire and watered you with love. Still you left her behind and kept your ego high. She is a mother, sister and wife who gave you so much love and want nothing in return and still she is scared of you. She prays everyday, so that you may stay safe. Still you are not understanding that you are immersed in her dept. You may consider yourself hero and her a zero.

Let me tell you very clearly your only existence is from her, but you still thrive on yourself. Your dirty Eyes look at her, teasing her in the crowd, rip her off alone, your dirty mind haunt her day and night. But she can never get defeated by you neither going to kill herself, she will calculate everything. She will face you firmly, neither she will cry nor she will run. She will stand by and compete with every difficulty.

You all man need to become a good person. You all are a protector not a bearer. You should learn to give respect to every woman. Do not defame them. Are you a fool! without women you are nothing. Neither you have name, nor got fame, nor any existence, still you try to haunt her, threaten her like she is a weak lifeless woman.

Let me inform you all, woman can double everything, whether it is happiness or sorrow.Don't mess up with a woman, otherwise she can make it difficult for you to live, she can even make your life hell. You think your status is big but you know what she is a form of Goddess. She can even take the form of Kali, and come and let genocide be yours. You think she is helpless, helpless in your eyes. Do not do mistake of understanding her helpless, poor, weak. Because in reality she is very brave.