Books are our best friends, no doubt, but this does not mean that we should avoid travelling or we should start thinking that travelling is not essential at all. The knowledge that we acquire by reading books is theoretical. It is not sufficient in itself. In our day to day life we can not be successful with mere theoretical knowledge. Travelling gives us practical knowledge which is far more important then theoretical knowledge. What we learn in books must be practised afterwards. And this we can do only by travelling. It means our knowledge (theoretical) complete.

Travelling gives us opportunities to come in contact with different types of people. We must know about their habits, manners and the ways of living. This definitely enhances our knowledge as well as broadens our outlook. If we compare a man who has never availed the opportunities of travelling with one who frequently travels, we will see the difference very clearly. The former will grow a narrow outlook while the latter will grow a broad outlook. The former fails to understand another’s point of view. He becomes more tolerate than one who has least travelled.

National integration is also encouraged by travelling. When we travel from one place to another we come closer to the people of different parts of the sub-continent. This way our mutual understanding is enhanced which is very essential in tge present scenario. A well travelled man acquires a global attitude and never gives weight to the trifles.

Travelling teaches us many lessons. It makes us adjustable to every situation. When we are away from our home, we come across many difficulties. We cannot get things outside like our homes. Sometimes we do not find suitable place to stay, sometimes we fail to get tasty food. Sometimes we have to live or pass time with one whom we do not like at all. We come across many other problems apart from these. But there is no one to whom we will go to complain about all these. We have to solve our problems ourselves. Such problems enable us to develop our resourcefulness. We start taking initiatives to tackle the obstacles. This way we become more confident. We now understand the truth of the saying, ‘self help is the best help’.

By travelling we also get opportunities to understand other languages. We come in contact with different cultures. We develop our civic sense. We readily accept challenges of life. We become more helpful, more cooperative and more self- reliant. These are the basic human qualities which we can never acquire only by books. Hence travelling is very essential in order to be a perfect human being. Whenever we get an opportunity, we must avail it to make our life more lively.