Communal harmony is a condition in which there is no friction and tension among different communities in the country. It is very important in countries like India where we find multiplicity of religions. The very nature of the culture here is composite. But religion has never been a source of conflict between communities in Indian society. Mutual tolerance and high regards for other religion is an age-old tradition of the country. But sometimes we see that vested interest creates disharmony between them which results in great destruction of life and property. While the other religious groups like Christians, Parsees, Jains, Buddhists have lived together in comparative peace and friendliness, Hindus and Muslims have not been able to pull on so well together.

Communal harmony is a very sensitive issue and it needs soft handling. But there is lack of political consciousness among the common people due to several reasons. Our constitution has proclaimed that there will be no discrimination among the followers of different religions and beliefs. Government makes efforts to maintain and promote communal tension in our country. The first great communal riot was witnessed just at the time of India's Independence. After that a number of communal riots have occurred. In recent years we have seen the case of Ram Janma Bhumi Babri Masjid which created much uproar. Gujarat riots were caused by the communal tension. Behind all these riots one thing is very much clear that only a few miscreants and corrupt politicians provoke such riots. They do so to save their own position.

In fact communal harmony can be maintained and promoted with the spread of knowledge and strict legal procedures. A universal civil count must be adopted. There should be no special privileges to the minorities. All should be treated equally. Politicians should be checked ti spread their vote - catching formula. Community based society must be developed. Social workers should come forward and try to create an atmosphere of peace, friendship and harmony. The role of media is also important in this regard. It should not use such languages which may provoke communal tension among common classes. Instead it should give stress on the similarities in the culture of the two communities. Young students should be taught the lessons of tolerance and forbearance in the schools from the very beginning.

All these measures would definitely create a lovely atmosphere around us and then we would forget all the past differences. However we should think collectively for the welfare of our country.



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Its worst
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first write something by yourself before criticizing others......