Love is not loving someone, love is not only to be with someone you love , love is more than that . Love is when a person is worried about another person , when a person starts being angry due to disappointment by the person he loves .

One relationship between two persons cannot be successful within mixed feelings . Relationships would not be betweentwo persons, not between humans. We are not created to have only one feeling in our heart, we have mixed feelings otherwise we would not exist .

To have mixed feelings doesn't always have to mean something incorrect , sometimes it can help in understanding each other’s feelings .

That mixed feelings can lead to some bad stuff like anger or disappointment but it can never break a relationship .

Any person loves another person regardless of what that person means to him, there is always one piece of his heart that loves that person so much and one part that easily be affected by anger and frustration .

It is not possible for love to work if everything is peace and joy, love must be wounded , disappointed,but still loved.