Unbelievable Facts About India That Most Of The Indians Don't Know

Joyce Ayyagari
May 07, 2019   •  23 views

India is a big country not only in terms of area and population, but also in terms of diversity. Knowing everythingabout this great country is almost impossible.Here are some shocking things that will make you even morecurious about India.

1. There are places in India where mendemand gender equality for themselves

There are places in India where a man marries a woman and moves to his mother-in-law's house.Khasi and thematrilineal Muslims inMinicoy, Lakshadweep are some of the examples.

2. USB was developed by an Indian - American computer architect

Ajay V. Bhattis the man behind USBs.You can also credit him for AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port),PCI Express, Platform Power management architecture and various other chip-set improvements.

3. India has been the largest troop contributer to United Nations for Peacekeeping Missions

So far India has taken part in 43 Peacekeeping missions with a total contribution exceeding 180,000 troops and a significant number of police personnel having been deployed. In 2014 India is the third largest troop contributor [TCC] with 7,860 personnel deployed with ten UN Peacekeeping Missions of which 995 are police personnel, including the first Female formed police unitunder the UN. Recently Indian Peacekeepers were lauded by the UN for their efforts in preventing a carnage in theSouth Sudan conflict which resulted in the death of two of its soldiers.

4. The gathering at the khumb mela is so large that it is seen from space

The festival is thelargest peaceful gathering in the world, and considered as the "world's largest congregation of religious pilgrims".

An estimated 120 million people visited Maha Kumbh Mela in 2013 in Allahabadover a two-month period, including over 30million on single day.

5. India has the largest English speaking population in the world after USA

And only 12.18% of population knows the language.

6. Buttons are invented in India

Yes, The shirt buttons which we all use but don't acknowledge.

7. Until 1726, India was the only official place where diamonds are found

From ancient times, India was the source of nearly all the world's known diamonds, and until the discovery of diamonds in Brazil in 1726, India was the only place where diamonds were mined.

8. India is largest producer of movies in the world

This includes Tollywood, Bollywood, and all other movie industries.

9. We played a major role in the invention and development of Plastic Surgery

Sushruta, an ancient Indian surgeon, made important contributions to the field of plastic and cataract surgery in 6th century BC. The medical works of both, Sushruta and charak originally in Sanskritlater spread. British physicians travelled to India to see rhinoplastiesbeing performed by native method.

10. Bear Grylls wantedto join The Indian Army after getting out of school

Presenter of the famous show, Man Vs. Wild, Bear Grylls always knew he wanted to do something adventurous with his life. No wonder, his first choice was to join The Indian Army.

11. These cities make it to the list ofWorld's Fastest Growing Citiesand urban areas from 2006 to 2020

Ghaziabad, Surat and Faridabad. There.

12. India's first rocket was transported on a bicycle (1963) and the firstsatellite on a bullock-cart (1981)

We have come a long way.

How many do you know...?