"Don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live." This is what said to be ‘one of the best’ fashion designers in modern era, Mr. Gianni Versace has to say about Fashion. And do you find anything incorrect about the statement. Certainly not. That is the thing about Fashion. One need not have to follow what is in the air or what everybody wants you to look as. Its just a simple statement about yourself which perfectly defines your self being. There is this thing which everyone has a misconception about being fashionable. That you need to be dressed up in a way which is according to the market fashion trend or which suits the trend the best. But I have always wondered about why one needs to get himself/herself dressed according to the so called “Market Fashion Trend” when we all are free to do whatever we want to do or whatever we want to wear. One of the most important reason why we do not get ourselves dressed in the manner we want to but in the manner the trend wants us to get dressed is the judgemental nature of people. We all used to hear statements like – “what rubbish are you wearing” or “this outfit is so old fashioned” or “you don’t look not at all good wearing this outfit”. Being bold and outward about the way you get yourself dressed and present yourselves in the manner you want to, is perhaps one of the most important things one should learn about fashion. People tend to get nervous when others tell them how they are looking or give any kind of negative remark on the fashion they are carrying. Both class of people are to be looked differently and advised differently i.e., the one who judge others fashion and the one who gets judged. The ones who easily judges people on their sense of fashion, they should always carry this thought in mind that everybody have his/her own opinion and perception on things. They look at things from different perspectives which might be negatively perceptive to others. There is nothing such as wrong or right, correct or incorrect defined about anything by the social enigma. And that’s why there should not be a judgmental nature of one towards another’s sense of fashion. There should be no fear about being judged about your sense of fashion or what you wear. One just need to be himself/herself and portray the best of them. That would be the best fashion.