Master Procasinator ?This Article Is For You!!

Jenisha Roshan
May 08, 2019   •  21 views

Procrastination is very common among us. I am the biggest procrastinator I know. Having experienced the ill effects and the stress that comes with procrastination I have surfed the web many times to find some motivation and I think that some of y,’ all have done it too. That’s what inspired me to write this article to help myself and my fellow procrastinators.

Effects of procrastination:

• Precious time is wasted
• You regret the time you wasted .
• Many opportunities are lost .
• You don’t achieve your goals .
• You may lose your job.
• You may not be able to do the things you promised .
• You get low self esteem.
• You get stressed

Several strategies that can help you stop procrastinating right now:

• Procrastination starts in the first place due to taking big tasks altogether.
• Start offby making a plan and I know to be a procrastinator we will not stick to it but insert a positive quote then and there.

• Allocating time for each task athand is helpful
• Start off by completing the harder tasks.
• Start the hardest task in the morning.
• Talk to yourself, have a pep talk with yourself.
• First of all work at getting the task done cause wanting it to be perfect can be holding you back.

• Treat yourself after you get the work done.
• Keep your phone away from your reach.
• Log out from social media.
• There are certain apps that help you to stop getting distracted by your phone.
• Do it one at a time .
• Ask someone to keep a track of what you are doing, you can do it by yourself too but we all are procrastinators aren’t we .

• Identify the source of procrastination.

I hope you find this article effective .



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This article was very helpful !!!