Is Reading Your Hobby?? Do You Even Read Books?? You Don't??You Have To Check Out This Article!!

Jenisha Roshan
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Reading a good book is like falling in love. Unpredictable. Exhilarating. Scary. Sad. Real. Wonderful. The world has color and life you never saw until you read. You see words on a page that magically transform into worlds and people and voices and conflict. You step into imagination and forget that anything exists outside of it and the book in your hand. Reading makes me feel understood and makes me understand.

Hearing the word book makes us feel a lot of mixed emotion based on preferences. As a person who loves reading, hearing the word book makes me feel comfortable and it makes me daydreamabout sitting on a warm cozy sofa with a cup of coffee and a good book.

A good book gives you a good company

I get swept up into a whole other universe expressing the other character's feelings, memories, the pain or anger, confusion, sadness, happiness and I forget everything around me. Books are our escape.

Losing oneself in a book is one of the best feelings in the world one person can have, and no other emotion could stand a chance against it.

.Here are a few reasons as to why one should read books:

• Reading increases vocabulary
• It is good for your brain.
• Books improve imagination skill.
• It improves your English skills.
• It's a good hobby.
• Reading helps you get a worldview and conviction
• It reduces stress
• It keeps you away from your phone at least for a small time.
• It changes your views.
• It helps you become a better problem solver.
• In today's digital world taking some time off to be analog is good.

How to find yourself a perfect book?

Every book is perfect in its own way but finding what book to read when you are a new reader is kinda tough cause there are so much to read, we have so many options.

• Ask a friend
• Know your taste in movies and find books from that genre.
• Start off by reading some well known popular books.
• Use some book engines you find online.
• Take some quizzes on what book to read next.
• Go to the library and ask the librarian.
• Go to the bookstore and pick one randomly.
• Join a book club.
• Do experiment with books but start off by reading from your favorite genre.
• Go to the aisle which contains your favorite genre and picks a book.
• Read randomly.

Teaching kids to read :

Anything taught at a very young age stays with the child forever. So teaching children to read from a very young age is very important.

• Start off by reading bedtime stories.
• Take them to the library.
• Make them read something interesting.
• Make reading fun.
• Tell them the perks in a fun way.

I hope you find a good book and fall in love with it cause that’s what good books do to you.

Enjoy reading!!!


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