What To Study..Science Or Arts?

Jeeni Gupta
Jun 22, 2019   •  13 views

Intermediate class is a place from where we move toward building our career and challenge our destiny.

Now, almost june is about to reach at end.

Some students who had just passed their twelfth this time have already taken admission in the deemed , central or state university. They must be having some difficulty while making choise among the streams. But, anyhow they managed to choose with the help of their parents.

Now, let's talk about those students who still haven't taken admission and are in dilemma what to opt?

Science, arts or what?

There must be chances where parents are saying go for b-tech or Kota and do some IIT course and make your future safe. Some parents must be thinking to keep their child's future in little more safe zone and ask them to do agriculture. So, they can better earn.

Some innocent one must be having in mind that if his child opted for humanities. What will the society think of him or her?

Is he weak in maths and physics that's why he opted for the easiest one.

And some sympathetic and emotional parents must be thinking to keep their child in front of their eyes so, he can study near by and be in caring atmosphere of family.

Now, let's come to those newbies whose parents are thinking alot about them. Till class twelfth a child can easily introspect himself in which area he is more passionate or in which field he can do wonders.

Only a child knows what he can manage to do well. There must be some areas in which a child is skilled and passionate. As no one is born dumb.

One may be good in sports, one may be good in photography. One likes to play with electronics or some are good at calculations , management. Parents need to understand that their children are going to listen them only while making their career choices. So, let's ask them what they are passionate about. And help them to make things better with that streams only.

No field or stream is good or bad. If one is passionate in some field like caricature or photography and seems to earn less. It's okay. Atleast one can grow better and make money along with passion and happiness rather, than forcing one child to go for just science or engineering. If you force to do something to your child which is above his or her mental capability. Child will suffer in jobs and work lately. Then, the high amount will have no worth.

So, please let your children find their interest and do not force them. Yeah as a parent one can find better college or better education facilities to motivate your child.