Work Culture Difference In Mncs And Start Ups:

Mar 22, 2020   •  9 views

Working in a cool start up is as fancy as working in a Multinational Company. This fanciness comes with perks- whether it is the flexibility and importance of your resource in a start up or the security in MNCs.

Working in an MNC like EY, Microsoft, may not be similar to a ‘Suits’ episode but a ‘Pursuit of happiness’ if you’re just starting with it. It sure benefits you with grand perks offered in the job, from working in a recognised firm with health insurance, transport and of course, fancy monetary benefits. The learning curve may be flatter than working in a startup, but the effect of it on a CV and a fixed working hour system provides you better with better management with your family and yourself.

Basically, it provides you with: Strict work environment, better Job security, better work life balance, transportation, recognised name of the firm, flatter learning curve but exposure is more, fractional impact on Company’s performance, repetitive work, lesser creative options.

A start up may not necessarily mean working from the scratch depending on when you join, but a start up. Like Metvy, lets each member to be recognised with their work to build their idea into a successful business. Being a part of a start up makes your role important enough for you to be left with a team being totally and respectfully yours and not as an individual. Each failure or accomplishment is automatically more in a start up than an MNC because you’re directly related to the smallest of victories. For example, in Metvy,  Your job may not only include your work, but the task to build an army to work with. Here, you get to brainstorm and execute your ideas as you meet and interact creative minds to work with. Metvy as an app is tech start-up building a platform to enable face to face interaction between mutually interested strangers in the same vicinity according to their networking requirements.

Basically, a start up provides you with: Flexible work environment, less job security, heavier job duties, may not be recognised, more learning and creative aspects, significant impact on company’s performance.

This commitment lets each member at Metvy associate Metvy as their baby. What’s better than working in a family where every member’s only responsibility is to look after the heart of the family, Metvy