What Is The Metvy Student Partnership Program?

Apr 10, 2020   •  41 views

“what is important to humanity is connection.” Humans are social animals to whom, touch, socialization comes naturally. With humanity, comes Altruism and social support that each individual tries to reach in a moment of world Pandemic.

As people propose their acts of kindness, from the nation applauding and cheering all the workers who risk their lives on daily basis to save some, to small gestures of donating or sharing art pieces, offering help to others. With everybody taking an extra step in this life-threatening situation, it becomes our social responsibility to acknowledge our privilege and build a community towards a better change.

With this, Metvy has come up with its contribution by taking a step forward with school students. We have initiated a thirty-day program of Holistic Experience through Metvy Student Partner Program. This is a multi-dimensional initiative which provides an experience in the cooperate world and with entrepreneurial insights. Metvy aims at providing a wholesome experience like a piece of cake, with its essential ingredients as Branding, Marketing, Strategy, Finance, Resource development and provision of E-books, TedEx, online workshops as its toppings!

What makes Metvy’s program different from any other program is the environment and presence. Metvy works like a family and makes sure that anyone who is a part of the program, feels at home with the team. One of the most essential thing that Metvy always makes sure to put light on is Mental Health through online workshops, easy communication with the team and a supporting and concerned Human Resource team which is constantly available for any difficulty or conversation. Our purpose remains with doing our bit in the tough times of Quarantine by building a safe, interesting, enjoyable and insightful space for anyone who chooses to be a part.

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