Success is not a DESTINY to be accomplished; it’s a Journey to be enjoyed.
And this journey begins when you Dream to achieve something. When you start your journey you will go through many phases. Always remember if you are comfortable with the way you are on, then probably that’s not the right path. Great things take great efforts to be achieved. In this journey, you will experience a complicated situation known as “FAILURE” Which can be a game changer. People work hard to achieve success but when the face failure they broke up and Quit, They forget that track of success is not straight it contains lots of obstacles know as Failures. Failure might not take you to the right path but it will tell that’s the wrong one when one face failure many thoughts arise in their mind

What to do? Should I quit? But when one tries to understand these questions he/she definitely find their right path toward success.

Failure is that condition which makes people think about their mistakes, it is not something due to which someone should be depressed or quit their aims, generally people quit their dreams after facing failure, people who keep their failure in mind and work for it even harder are those who create Histories.

These lines may seem to be filmy, But here are some examples that conquered their failure and created history:


He was known as a master of trial and error. When he created a light bulb he failed many times, but when asked about his failures he replied “I have not failed I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. His positive attitude made him successful in the invention of the light bulb.


16th president of the United States is also an inspiring model for everyone, He lost his job (Defeated for state legislature), Failed in business, lost his wife, defeated for speaker, defeated for nomination for Congress, rejected land officer, defeated for nomination for vice president but he didn’t lose his belief in himself and this belief made him The 16th president of US.


One of the great physicists also struggled in his life faced a lot of failures, in his childhood he suffered from Dyslexia his teacher said he will never succeed in his life, he dropped out school, failed in college entrance exam, he was labelled as lazy dog by his math professor, had no job, even after all this he never lost his hope, he found the way toward his interest which led him to the success, He gave the greatest theory of relativity.

Failure is success in progress.


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