Do you really know who you are?

If a person will ask you who you are and why are you in this world will you be able to answer this? If you don’t know what you are doing to the society and especially for you what is the sense of living?

To answer all these questions you must firstly discover the real you.
Everyone is different. Finding out who you really are and embracing your uniqueness is one of the healthy ways to live a real life.

Find out what you love:

It seems like a disaster when you start thinking about what you love or like. We all have people and things who matters to us. Ask yourself ‘what I love the most’; make out the list of things that fuel your happiness in life. Focus on the things you love that will inspire you to live life and achieve your dreams.

Recognize your accomplishments:

Recognize your achievements and be proud of yourself. Give a tap on your back after achieving even a smallest thing. In doing this you will realize your inner strength and will. By finding out the behaviour you exhibit to reach the stairs of success, thinking about that behaviour will reveal who you really are.

Find out your purpose:

Thinking about your purpose is the toughest thing to do. Many things you do in your life are probably to avoid judgement or to receive favourable judgements. By doing so you are blurring out the inner you. The question is how would you discover your real purpose? Find out the things you love to do, do not worry about others, just write down the things you want to do. You will discover your path of happiness and your way of achieving dreams.

Live your ideal life:

Uncover all the things that you really want to do with your life. Question yourself by giving different real life situations. Write down the answer to your questions, and these answers are the real you. This is what you want to do but you are not doing this just because of the third person’s judgement. Answering these will help you live your ideal life.

Discover your inspiration:

Inspiration can come from movie, actors, real life strugglers, or any one. What qualities do they possess that inspires you? Finding out the person who inspires you the most, you will come to find that they share many qualities that you do possess. Living the life in the own way will become the same inspiration for you too. Open your inner doors and bring out the real you.

Once you will discover your true self, you will find confidence in learning. Always be proud of you are and you will have enough self confidence to deal with all the life situations.



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