Photography is to me what food is to the body. It is an art. It is a conduit. I believe that apart from words someone uses to tell their story, photography is yet another way. Being a passionate photographer, I like to capture life, capture moments in pictures so that we remember them forever. Down below are a few photographs that I really like and want to share with you. There isn't necessarily a story behind all of them, a few have stories whereas others made me write poems! Have a good time watching and reading!

I found him seated outside a temple. All my trip I had been troubling my parents to find me a sadhu with lots of necklaces of beads and curly hair because I wanted to click their photos. I took precisely 3 shots of him the first time. When I later reviwed the photos, I didn't quiet like them, so I went back again and shot A LOT of photos and people started staring at me from everywhere xD. But I didn't move till I got the perfect shot. When I was done and going back, the baba asked me "did you get the photo?" in hindi and I was very surprised and replied with "yes" and then I asked him "do you want me to show it to you?" he nodded and smiled. The happiness on his face after seeing the photo was immeasurable!

This photograph was taken in Manali. They are husband and wife, the husband plays the instrument and earns a few alms and the wife takes care of their kid and loves listening to her husband play! I wanted to click their picture so I asked the lady to move a bit near her husband because she was sitting almost 4 feet away. She was so shy that I had to ask her to shift 2 more times so that both of them came in the frame! It was so cute!

Hands down, Pahadi people are the cutest of all! I was on a holiday in Manali and was going for a trek that day. This kind old lady came up to us to sell us sticks that might help us in climbing up the mountain. While Mom and Dad were buying these, I went to her to talk and ask what her name was and told her that she was very pretty! And then I asked if I could click her picture and said "smile please!" and she gave the most beautiful smile!

This was all for this blogpost, I hope you all enjoyed reading and liked the photos! Happy weekend everybody!