Different people find pleasure in different activities.There lies so many choices to do in this world.And we choose what pleases us and makes us happy.And that is what we usually call our hobby.I would say that the best hobby is nothing but travelling.

Travelling mean different to different people .For some it's a stress buster,some find it the way of exploring.And yes it is!There lies lot to explore in this world.There are so many countries,so many states within it and the different districts inside them.Every place has its own specialities, the food, the clothing styles,the traditional practices and so on.Its all left to us to explore.

Travelling can be through different means too.Sometimes a long road trip feels good,a train journey and even flying above the skies feels magical.It can be either a solo journey.Especially, adventurous trips are the best.Who wouldn't love to go for a trekking ? It's all that one should have that ability to enjoy every moment in life and make it unforgettable.

One's love for destinations can also be different.Some would love beaches and some mountains.Afterall,they are this nature's beautiful creations.Once we are caught in that vibe , that is the best feeling ever!

According to me,I prefer both equally,travelling with loved ones as well as travelling alone.And the best thing about travelling is listening to music🎵.Also, I'm lucky to be in a family who loves travelling and my dad who have always taken me to the places around and encouraged to travel and learn.Though I have never been to any other country yet, I think India has its best natural creations and I'm also proud to be from the very own God's Own Country,Kerala❤️