Haven't you heard about the Madras presidency, our great historically diversified stories, and the regions it covered? Well,do you know which is the Cheif port city ? Mangalore,the now known as Mangaluru.The city derived its name from the beautiful and culturally well known temple , The Mangaladevi Temple. Explaining the specialities of Mangaluru is a big task,because it's hard to wrap up everything in just a few words.Still, here is a brief description about the place,its tradition and culture.

Our country India has always been popular with its wide variety of traditional practices and everything else which we are rich at.Each state has its own specialities and uniqueness as well.Considering,Karnataka and it's temple city, Mangaluru, there lies another group of castes and their extraordinary languages.As seen in any other population ,the major three religions of Hindus,Christians and Muslims reside here as well, but Muslims being the minority. The Hindus here are again split into Brahamanas and Konkanis(who speak in Konkani) .Here comes another language,which seems to have no written texts , but is only a speaking language -Tulu.And so ,Mangloreans who mostly speak Kannada ,is well aware of these languages too .There are also many temples located in and out of the place,to where people visit from different parts of the world.Kudroli Gokharnath temple,which has a grand temple festival celebrated every year attracts the crowd.The famous Mookambika temple is nearby the city and can be easily reached .Udupi, another town which is well known for its Krishna temple is rich at its history of creating miracles and beliefs.

'Yakshagana' is it's most popular dance form performed during festivals by artists who put on heavy attire and depict stories from chapters of holy books and series of the past. Also, another eye - catching art is the one called 'Vesha' which is performed on going house to house in groups during the days of Navarathri, 'Pulivesha' being its most demanded category.

Mangaluru is a good travel destination as well.The numerous beaches , offering adventurous beach rides are always loved by the youth.The Panambur beach, Surathkal beach, Someshwara beach and Thannerbhaavi beach lie across the coastal city . It is a good drop during long drives , especially people who opt to take an on road drive to Goa, enjoying the coastal beauty of nature. 'Pilikula' is the zoo here which is situated nearby an amusement park too.Thus is a picnic spot for a lovely weekend.There are also huge shopping malls and shopping centres for people who love shopping.

Each and every place has its own taste of food.The mangalorean cuisines too awaken our taste buds to new blends of both vegetarian as well as non-vegteraian lovers.There are also dhabhas,along the road side which serve yummy food that can fill your tummies.

So that's how I can conclude about my mom's native , my every vacation destination during childhood. That's what Mangalore is for me , the ever loved place with its energising vibes and a place for our family get togethers. What I have always loved about the place is it's beaches , playing all sand games with those teasing waves and finally enjoying the mesmerising sunsets!



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