Freedom Of Speech And Expression

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Hello everyone! This time I will be discussing with you all about one of our national problems- FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND EXPRESSION.

“The only way that my speech will be protected tomorrow is to safeguard the speech of others today, even if I detest what they are saying”.

- Erwin Chemerinsky.

Is it possible to imagine a civil democratic society without freedom of speech? The right to express any thought in any manner is of great importance to our democratic society. But does it mean an absolute absence of censorship? Certainly, no. Freedom of Speech cannot be total even in any country but the limitations differ in diverse countries.

Freedom of Speech is one of the fundamental rights provided to the citizens of India. It allows the citizens of the country to express their ideas and share their opinions freely. (The media must act responsibly and not misuse freedom of speech).

Why is freedom of Speech so important? Actually, speech is just a production of sounds in a certain way. But these sounds form language and have a certain sense. As we all know that speech is used to express thoughts and opinions. When people face limitations in speech, certain ideas cannot reach their minds because they are not sure about their existence.

Origination of Freedom of Speech:

The Conceptualization of Freedom of Speech came many years back. The judicially organized constitutional law “the freedom of speech” by England’s Bill of Rights 1689 has many consequences. The Universal announcement of human rights that was appointed in the year 1948 also states that people should have the freedom to express their views and perspective. Freedom of Speech and expression has now made a part of the international and regional human rights law.

Under the constitution of India of Freedom of Speech the people of India have the following rights:

  • Freedom to speak and communicate views and perspective freely.

  • Freedom to gather calmly without any arms and ammunition.

  • Freedom to walk in the country freely.

  • Freedom to establish in any area of the country.

  • Freedom to involve in any profession.

  • Freedom to make associations, organizations and groups.

Disadvantages of Freedom of Speech:

Freedom of Speech is the better way to contribute the views and share opinions in front of society. There are some disadvantages attached to it. Some news such as that related to different religious and political groups has given rise to various riots in the past. This damages the peace and harmony of society.

The Internet has disagreed freedom of Speech and Expression. Social media is the main platform for this argument. Citizens these days are keen to express their views on everything whether they are having the information about the same or not.

Freedom of Speech and expression empowers the citizen to share views and thoughts. Every country should have the freedom of speech rights and it must be defined clearly by making groups and organizations.



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