It's not your likeness,

It's your love that I ever want.

It's not your beauty,

It's your heart that I regard.

It's not your path,

It's your footsteps that I wish to follow.

It's not your care,

It's your scolding that I miss the most.

There is a thing that has to be told

You may get hurt, but the truth is what you hold.

It's not your hair,

It's your judgment that is black.

It's not your action,

It's you word that shed my tears.

It's not your hatred,

It's your ego that holds you back.

It's not your revenge,

It's your grudge that breaks my heart.

Forgive me for what I have done, though I don't deserve;

For I thought what I did was a sacrifice, but I only made you suffer.