I joined Wrytin as an intern for one month because I didn’t wanted to waste my holiday. I had to do something useful and productive. But I had no idea what to do. Thanks to my faculty who told about Internshala, an app through which one can get internships. Through this app I came to know about the blog writing internships of Wrytin. First,I just applied as usual and gave it a shot. Never thought I would get selected. But turns out to be a big surprise when I got that internship.

Talking about Wrytin, I was given two options- either to choose three articles per week with 160 views or eight articles per week with 30 views for one month. I thought it would not be an easy task to get an average of 160 views for every single article. So I opt for eight articles per week with 30 views. I know 30 views is not an easy one as well but it would be comparatively easier than 160 views. In the beginning, I thought I would never able to complete. It seems to be a little tough task and considering that this is my first internship. But here I am at my final article.

They allotted mentor for each one of the interns to guide us for each of our writings.The whole team is so helpful. They cleared all my doubts at any time. The mentor alloted to me was really so sweet and patient. She corrected all the mistakes whole heartedly and really encouraged and gave me my own time to complete the articles. Even though if I sent the articles late night she verified and sent it back to me. It gave me a great exposure. I can say that I have learnt a lot of things through this internship. It’s really a nice experience in Wrytin. This internship not only increases your writing skills but also helps to improve your time management and marketing skill. It really helps you to work on your time and work managing skills which is a needed in your life. Through this I could identify my hidden talent.

So if you are searching for an internship tries to get an opportunity in Wrytin. If you get through don’t doubt whether you should do or not. Really, it will give you a great experience. Never leave the opportunity that knocks on your door. Give a try. It’s not a waste of time. Thank you Wrytin for your wonderful opportunity.



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Nancy Henry  •  4y  •  Reply
Yeah sure will do. Thank you
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Janki Insan  •  4y  •  Reply
You won’t get the certificate and stipend until you get the required number of views! So I’d ask you to focus on that!