Farming🌾 Is A Profession Of Hope

Nancy Henry
Jun 29, 2019   •  424 views

George Washington stated about agriculture in the most beautiful way “Agriculture is the most helpful, most useful, most noble employment of men”. It’s the art of cultivating plants and livestock. Without that our survival of life on Earth is not possible. The history of agriculture begins a thousand years ago.It’s the first and foremost employment of men and women on the earth. As well as it’s not an easy job. It requires patience, physical strength, love and care towards the plants.As well as not a job to provide permanent monthly income. You have to put your heart and soul to fulfil that need and natural support for the plants to nourish.

India is known for agro-based industries. Farming is not only our ancestor’s job, but it’s also in our blood. That’s the reason we still love to do gardening even in our homes. Each one of us is farmers trying to keep our surrounding green even in apartments where we don’t have enough space. But still, love to grow plants. The love towards gardening never gets changes how old we become.

But now we are destroying our motherland in the name of development. There is no more agricultural land. We are turning all these into industrial lands. But we need the same organic foods, how can that be possible? If we keep on destroying the agricultural land then one day the cost of food will surely be more than gold. In the past seven years, the prices of all the food items got doubled. As well the farmer’s conditions became far more worse in India. The question is even though the rate of commodities is high how the farmers are being poor. How that can be possible? It’s that they are not getting paid for what they are worth for.Every day on average 300 farmers attempts suicide. The suicide of farmers increases year by years because of these all reasons. Also, the water for irrigation stays a big problem.

So to increase the yield farmers are using pesticides. We are accusing them for this toxic food but it is really not them but the government should be blamed for that. There are 104 toxic substances are allowed in India which is banned in other countries. So it’s our duty to do something for our motherland. Save our farmers who provide us with the source for all kind of tasty foods.At least be selfish to get healthy food so that you will help agriculture to grow.If you ate today then thank a farmer.