Entrepreneurship- Built Your Dreams

Nancy Henry
Jun 25, 2019   •  4 views

Struggles and failures are part of everyday life. However big it is you have to face the failures to be a great person. Every great entrepreneur faced their failure in their life. Being an entrepreneur is something big to risk your career. As well as a big step for your passion. Entrepreneurship should be encouraged to reduce unemployment. If people won’t work for their country but expecting to increase employment opportunities. How that can be possible?. So instead of being a problem creator lets be a problem solver. Colleges should encourage students to built up their start-up instead of working for someone under some rules and regulations. You can be your own boss. But at the same time they were lots of problems are faced by the entrepreneurs. It’s not an easy task. It has its own hike of obstacles. Of all that low in the capital would be a big problem for all the entrepreneur. Even when you have the talent to build an empire but when low in cash then it’s not possible to build your start-ups. Some challenges of being an entrepreneur were proper cash flow management, hiring employees, time management, marketing strategy, delegating the task, strapped budget, business growth, self-doubt. Everyone had their issues to be a great entrepreneur. Even from Dhirubhai Ambani to Steve Jobs. Every great story started with nothing. Being a successful start-up owner is not an easy task. Now let’s see some start-up stories.

Ola cabs- book your taxi with one touch on the app store:

Some years back what you would have done for booking the cab? Or even thought that it be easy this much? Thanks to ola cabs which made us the travel cheap and easy. According to Indidiary.com ola cabs are a famous form of transport serving metropolitan cities. Mr.Bhavish Agarwal and Mr.Ankit Bhatti are the two IIT-B graduates who are India’s most popular can hub ola cab. This entrepreneurship idea got after from their weekend trip in a rented cab had gone terribly wrong for Bhavish. Then he thought to bring transparency and convenience to the consumer in this area. It’s a taxi service started in Mumbai in order to solve the misery of transport. Now they provide taxi service over 100 cities across the country.

Zomato- another level to restaurant:

To improvise the Indian's people to taste the varied restaurant, this online restaurant app was developed. It was launched in 2008. It’s a big solution to all your food problems. It’s an online terribly to provide all information on home delivery, cafes, services, etc. Mr.Deepinder Goyal and Mr.Pankaj chaddah are the co-founders of the Zomato. Now well known for its Supreme services throughout all the areas in India.