Want to feel peace like heaven? Want to know who you really are? Want to have a stress free life? Want to enjoy your life to the fullest? Most effective method to deal with this is 5000 year old idea : Meditation. It is a technique in which one focuses only on the present thoughts and feelings without judging them. It is the way by which our mind and body unites. It turns off our mind when we don't need it anymore and also helps in recharging our mind. Its basic principles are rooted in hinduism.

Although meditation is an old -age practice but still there remains a mystery and some ambiquity as to what it is and how to perform it. You can start with simple breathing exercise . Inhale deeply, hold your breathe for few seconds, exhale deeply. It should be practiced daily at the same time so as to make it a habit. Avoid doing it after meals. Practice it in comfortable clothes. Keep your mobile phones away so as to avoid distractions.

There are so many physiological and psychological benefits.It helps you achieve genuine peace and happiness in today's hectic and chaotic schedule. It helps in quite introspection, which is the need of an hour. It aids in lowering anxiety by reducing the levels of blood lactate. It increases the blood flow and slows down the heart rate. It leads to deeper level of physical relaxation.It helps to cop up the pressure of school, college, family , friends etc. It can also work as a medicinal way to eliminate psychosomatic disorders caused by tensions. It improves cardiovascular health as well.

It controls our mind and as a consequence, our life. Anyone can practice meditation, it has nothing to do with religion. It should be practiced on daily basis to fulfill the needs of very active and demanding life especially teenagers and adults. Practice meditation , live healthy life style and better life forever.




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