Realme X Pro The World's First Flagship With 64mp Camera

Harsh Singh
Jul 22, 2019   •  48 views

Tech giant Realme has already taken over the midrange smartphone market with its latest smartphone i.e Realme X and now Realme has recently announced its latest upcoming phone which is Realme X pro this month. But still full specifications of this phone are not disclosed yet but it is said that this phone will be Realme's first flagship level phone. Realme's CEO Madhav Sheth recently posted some pictures on his twitter account with caption which said that these pics were clicked from a 64 MP camera and now a small teaser of this phone is launched on its chinese website. Madhav Sheth has also said that this phone will be a permium killer flagship phone with latest snapdragon 855+ SoC processor chipset which is fastest and latest chipset available till date.

As this phone is not yet reveled but according to some rumors, this phone is feeaturing some amazing features like this phone will have a quad camera setup with 64MP camera as its main sensor camera with ultra wide lense and it is also said that this phone will be the world's first flagship with a 64MP camera setup. This phone also features a 25 MP pop-up selfie camera and in-display fingerprint sensor. According to rumors this phone will have a 5G conectivity in it and for looks, this phone will have a premium 3-D glass finish at the back.

Some of the key highlights of this phone are

  • 6.53 inch AMOLED screen

  • snapdragon 855+ processor chipset

  • 64MP quad camera set-up

  • 25 MP pop-up selfie camera

  • In-display finger print sensor

  • 4065 mah massive battery

  • vooc 3.0 Charge support

Looking at its specs this phone has featured some of best hardwares and specs and it looks really amazing but still these all can be just rumors as all of its features are not yet officially announced. But still if this phone looks pretty amazing and it is being said that this phone will be released with 6GB/128GB as its base varien. Now for the pricing, tech experts and rumors says that this phone pricing will start from 27000INR for the base varient and it will go up to 33000INR for the upper varient. Releasing Date of this phone is not yet decided but it is predicted that this phone will get launched in upccoming 1-2 months. So lets see when will Realme will release its first flagship smartphone and with what specs it will arrive in India.