7:30 pm
Marine Drive
Here I am at my favourite place. Such soothing breeze is making me feel better after having a long day. This pleasant feeling makes me feel the best. This immense sea makes everyone forget all the problems in life, fights and sorrows.

Those kids who forget everything after coming here and just start playing, those couples who get the most romantic environment for free and someone like me coming here just to relax ; this enormous sea gives us happiness as big as itself. And yes, how can I forget about these pacifying waves! Its sound is the best music I want to hear again and again.

Then I look at the sea. Ohh! There is something floating on it. No, it is not something, these are so many things which have come to shore. Plastic bottles, papers, plastic bags and what not.

Though this immense sea can digest anything, it cannot digest the garbage we are throwing. How would you feel if someone gives you poisonous food to eat? Why can’t you think about all those things which the sea gives you? Have you become so blind to not see its bad situation.

Suddenly all these questions are not making me sit here calmly. Why have we become so selfish that we cannot even see what we are doing to the sea? It is the same sea which gives you all the happiness when you come near it, then why don’t you think once before throwing those plastic bottles and plastic bags?

It is not the place where you dump the garbage. If it could speak, it would have told you loudly to stop doing all this. Are you waiting for it to get all aggressive and swallow everything?

While all these thoughts have made me restless, I see a 4-5 year old kid throwing chocolate wrapper. Before I could react anything his mother is making him understand why he should not throw it in sea. And he agrees to it happily.

This makes me belief that we can still hope to change the world.
Not quickly but slowly it definitely will!



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Varsha Bhatane  •  3y  •  Reply
Amazing! Seriously we need to save it!!!!!